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Our History

Property Management Enterprises, LLC is a privately owned firm that provides a full menu of services for investors in multi-family and other residential rental real estate. Through our property management division The Apartment Gallery, we provide professional management services for roughly 5,000 apartments and townhomes throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. In addition to property management, our firm provides consultation, advisory and support services for all facets of an investment in residential rental real estate. With a focus on outstanding customer service, we’re pleased to provide strong returns to our investors and a great value to our residents. Please review our lists of services to see how we may be able to meet your real estate investment needs.

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Our Mission


At PME, we’re committed to providing a full-service, reliable option for an investment in real estate. We strive to continuously improve our investors’ returns, provide our residents with high quality living accommodations and ensure that our employees are proud of where they work. Simply put, we expect more at PME.